Gnucash 2.6.x History with Chinese Full Path

chihchieh.sun at chihchieh.sun at
Tue Nov 4 04:15:15 EST 2014

Sorry, I made a mistake. Not coverting ANSI to UTF-8.

I use the notepad++ and create a new file encoding in ANSI.

Then, I encoded the file in UTF-8 as below

Original : C:\Documents and Settings\chihchieh.sun\®à­±\gnucash\¸ê²£­t¶Å
ANSI :     C:\Documents and Settings\chihchieh.sun\桌面\gnucash\資產負債
UTF-8 :    C:\Documents and Settings\chihchieh.sun\®à­±\gnucash\¸ê²£­t¶ÅÓ×

On Tue, Nov 4, 2014 at 2:23 PM,  <chihchieh.sun at> wrote:
> Version : Gnucash 2.6.x ( even 2.6.4-2)
> OS : Window XP SP3
> Language : Traditional Chinese
> Sorry, my English is not good, but I will try to describe it in detail.
> When my gnucash updated from 2.4.13 to 2.6.x, I found that 2.6.x could
> automatic open the last file I ever opened.
> After some try, if there are chinese words in the full path like "D:\°O±b
> \¸ê²£­t¶Åªí.gnucash" or  "D:\test\¸ê²£­t¶Åªí.gnucash", gnucash would not
> work, but I still could manually load the file.
> When I check the history in the GSettings, the full path of history shows
> garbage.

> Hi,

> What do you mean "shows garbage"? That would be helpful if you paste
> the value of history here.

Display as below

Original Path
C:\Documents and Settings\chihchieh.sun\®à­±\gnucash\¸ê²£­t¶Åªí.gnucash
History in Gsettings
C:\Documents and Settings\chihchieh.sun\桌面\gnucash\資產負債�gnucash

However, If I use the notepad++ to convert the full path from ansi to UTF-8

the full path is

C:\Documents and Settings\chihchieh.sun\®à­±\gnucash\¸ê²£­t¶ÅÓ×gnucash.

It seems more correct.

> Regards,
> Chenxiong Qi

> Thank you very much. I appreciate your assistance.

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