Gnucash 2.6.x History with Chinese Full Path

子風 zpsyhapcst at
Tue Nov 4 08:07:23 EST 2014

Sorry, the words of full path seem something wrong.

So I use another email and try to correct it.
> Sorry, I made a mistake. Not coverting ANSI to UTF-8.
> I use the notepad++ and create a new file encoding in ANSI.
> Then, I encoded the file in UTF-8 as below
> Original : C:\Documents and Settings\chihchieh.sun\®à­±\gnucash\¸ê²£­t¶Å
> ªí.gnucash
Original : C:\Documents and Settings\chihchieh.sun\桌面\gnucash\資產負債表.gnucash
> ANSI :     C:\Documents and Settings\chihchieh.sun\桌面\gnucash\è³‡ç”¢è² å‚µ
> è¡?gnucash
ANSI & history : C:\Documents and Settings\chihchieh.sun\獢\gnucash\鞈鞎銵?gnucash
> UTF-8 :    C:\Documents and Settings\chihchieh.sun\®à­±\gnucash\¸ê²£­t¶ÅÓ×
> gnucash.
UTF-8 : C:\Documents and Settings\chihchieh.sun\桌面\gnucash\資產負債衿gnucash

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