GNUCash Translation Files- Additional Languages

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at
Wed Sep 24 03:17:33 EDT 2014

On Tuesday 23 September 2014 20:52:10 chandrakant dhutadmal wrote:
> Hi Geert.
> Question- First, I notice you have sent the same translations
> yesterday already. What made you send them again ?
> Answer- I had sent them from my another email id, which was not
> subscribed to the mailing list. Since i thought, my email may not get
> delivered to the list, i subscribed from my yahoo mail and sent it
> again. Sorry for inconvenience and confusion.
Hi Chandrakant,

That's reasonable. I didn't notice the different e-mail addresses. Both 
submissions eventually made it to the list because we have a great 
moderator that manually separate the spam from real messages from people 
not subscribed to the list. (BTW, thanks for that effort Liz !)

I'm looking forward to your updated submissions.



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