CuteCash build errors -no rule to make target...

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at
Wed Apr 22 17:43:09 EDT 2015

On Wednesday 22 April 2015 22:49:04 Christian Stimming wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> thanks for the feedback about the cutecash build system. In fact, this
> build error was introduced this January as the auto-generation of
> some files was changed on the side, but not on the cmake
> side. This isn't much of a big problem. I've just committed the fix
> and you should be able to build cutecash again. Have fun with this!
> Contrary to what other voices here said, the "cutecash" experiment is
> still able to compile and also run. To my surprise, it takes only
> very little effort to keep it up to date in terms of the build
> system. It still serves to show various things:
> - The cmake build system could be used to build gnucash as well. For
> cutecash, it builds the first 20% of gnucash, but it could be
> extended to build all of gnucash just as well. Cmake has some
> advantages over automake such as it configures way faster; however,
> migrating the existing build system is a lot of work for little
> benefit, so we don't discuss this so far.
> - Cutecash shows it is possible to run a C++ GUI toolkit on top of the
> C code of the gnucash engine, using some of the glibmm/gtkmm wrappers
> - Cutecash shows that some new features such as Undo/Redo can be
> implemented rather easily once we get away from C
> - Cutecash shows that another GUI on top of the gnucash engine is
> possible, so that some new features are available (Undo) while the
> minimal subset of existing features can be maintained. Of course, 95%
> of the features in main gnucash cannot be found in a new GUI, as each
> feature requires a lot of GUI code implementation, which nobody will
> want to do.
> That's why I still keep the cutecash experiment in a state where it
> can be compiled and run. Except for the rare occasions when the build
> system changes, which is what you ran into.
> Regards,
> Christian

Hi Christian,

I'm quite happy the Cutecash experiment is still functional and showing these benefits. For me 
Qt is still a viable candidate to eventually replace gtk as GUI toolkit. In that context Cutecash 
is an invaluable source of experience and examples of how to do it.

So thanks for keeping it up to date.



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