GnuCash Android v1.6.0 pre-beta

Ngewi Fet ngewif at
Wed Apr 29 05:13:21 EDT 2015

Thanks for the feedback David. Very much appreciated!
See my responses below:

On Wed, Apr 29, 2015 at 12:49 AM, David Carlson <david.carlson.417 at
> wrote:

> I was able to install it to my LG G Pad 7.0 LTE over release 1.5.5 from
> the play store.  I had to fumble a lot initially to figure out how Gnucash
> for android works in general.  I finally succeeded in importing my account
> structure and created a couple of sample transactions,

In the navigation drawer, there is an "Open" option which allows you to
select a new file to import. (Also in Settings -> Accounts)
I have made modifications to the code to automatically open the nav drawer
after upgrade (so users are aware of it).

> but it seemed very hard to do since i have not found a quick way enter
> account names or copy text from other transactions, if possible.

When you open a transaction, you can copy the text from any of the text
fields. But I think you mean more the ease of creating transactions.
When creating a new transaction, if you start typing the description the
app suggests similar transactions (and fills the form for you if you select
Yes, at the moment account names can only be selected from a dropdown. We
are continuously looking at ways to optimize this.
An explicit option to duplicate a transaction is coming in the next

> After that I installed the beta from this email since I have not found
> your development repository.  I finally succeeded in exporting a qif file
> via the share file method to email it to myself because I could not figure
> out how to make other methods such as local file creation on a sd card work.

Ok, that is very strange. Unless the SD card was unmounted (e.g. connected
to a PC), it should work. SD card exports are the easiest export method.
Can you email me a bit more details of what happens? Also, what happens
when you try the other export destinations (DropBox, Google Drive)?

> Then gnucash for android developed a black screen and I cannot see
> anything now.  I guess I need to un-install it.

Does quitting and restarting the app help?

> I think it needs a help manual describing how to do the basic things.

Yes, there are plans for that in a future version.

> I guess it has a lot of promise, but I could not jump in with both feet
> and use it right away.

Thanks for trying it out!


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