GnuCash Android v1.6.0 pre-beta

Ngewi Fet ngewif at
Wed Apr 29 18:06:35 EDT 2015

Hi David,

On Wed, Apr 29, 2015 at 11:13 PM, David Carlson <david.carlson.417 at
> wrote:

> My primary data file is 4,519KB compressed
> XML.  When I use release 1.5.5 GnuCash for Android to open it, I do not
> get any transactions at all, but lots of accounts.  The 1.6.0 pre beta
> dated April 24 gives an error message and fails to open that file.

The file size seems small enough and should be handled well. It is hard for
me to say what went wrong with the import on 1.5.5 without any logs or the
XML file. The import logging has improved a bit since 1.5.5.
What does the error message say? Are there any specifics, or just a generic
failure message?

> I found a very old file that is about 1 Gig smaller.

Is the previous file 4MB or 4GB big?

> When I use release
> 1.5.5 Gnucash for Android to open that file, it does import lots of
> transactions, but I know that it is not getting transactions that have
> many split lines, such as paycheck deposits.

Could you send me an example of such a transaction? Just an XML snippet
from the unzipped .gnucash file.

> You just released that new build while I was testing.

I would be very interested to know if the import succeeds in the new build
which I just released.
Please keep me posted. Thank you for all the feedback!


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