What are our canonical git repository addresses?

Christian Stimming christian at cstimming.de
Sat Jan 3 16:35:04 EST 2015

I just found out that I've accidentally pushed some gnucash-on-windows commit 
to the wrong remote repository, namely the github one instead of the one on 
gnucash.org. Subsequently, my change seems to be dropped the next time someone 
committed to gnucash.org.

Now I wanted to check whether I'm really using the correct git repo addresses, 
both for read-only access and of course also for write access. However, I 
didn't find any place in the wiki that clearly lists the various repositories 
that exist. In particular, I didn't see any mention of the gnucash-on-windows 
repo in any wiki page. Did I miss this? Can please someone add a short 
directory of our actual upstream repos somewhere in the wiki? Thanks a lot.

By the way, in case of gnucash-on-windows, how do we distinguish the windows 
build instructions for gnucash's "maint" and "master" branch? Or does the 
install-script work for both? This I can't quite believe, as maint and master 
have already diverged in the requirements and their versions as set in the 
file defaults.sh. But how is this handled? Thanks for some explanation here.



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