Errors Importing QIF and CSV Files

Bob B. imthefunone at
Thu Jul 2 13:36:27 EDT 2015

If this is the wrong email list for asking this question, please direct me
to the right place.

I'm trying to import credit card transactions I downloaded from my credit
card's web site. I've tried both QIF and CSV formats and GnuCash tells me
there is an error in the file and then crashes.

I've looked at the files in Notepad and they seem to be perfectly fine.
They also seem to be structured the same way as QIF files I successfully
imported about 6 months ago.

Can you tell me if this is a known bug or tell me what I need to do to be
able to import QIF or CSV files?

OS: Win 7
GnuCash Version: 2.6.7

Thank you,

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