Errors Importing QIF and CSV Files

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Jul 7 14:41:05 EDT 2015


Technically you ushould be asking this on gnucash-user, not

"Bob B." <imthefunone at> writes:

> If this is the wrong email list for asking this question, please direct me
> to the right place.
> I'm trying to import credit card transactions I downloaded from my credit
> card's web site. I've tried both QIF and CSV formats and GnuCash tells me
> there is an error in the file and then crashes.
> I've looked at the files in Notepad and they seem to be perfectly fine.
> They also seem to be structured the same way as QIF files I successfully
> imported about 6 months ago.
> Can you tell me if this is a known bug or tell me what I need to do to be
> able to import QIF or CSV files?

I'm surprised that GnuCash crashes.  It definitely shouldn't do that;
that's definitely a bug.  As for the QIF file, can you post the first
couple of lines of the file here?  The first line should begin with a !,
like !Type:Bank.

> OS: Win 7
> GnuCash Version: 2.6.7
> Thank you,
> Bob

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