GnuCash Android v1.6.0 pre-beta

Ngewi Fet ngewif at
Mon May 4 19:04:02 EDT 2015

> A senior may correct me but my understanding is that an SX references a previously existing transaction.
> What happens to the SX when the underlying TX is changed is, I think, not very clear.  You are, I suggest, being brave in presuming something gnc plain doesn't.

SX references an existing transaction template. These are separate from normal transactions. 
If I ignore the SXs, I will ignore the templates as well and vice versa.

>> Yes, I will make modifications to the program so that it first tries to
>> parse the SXs.
>> But if it fails, it will just revert to 1.5.5 behaviour and ignore
>> scheduled transactions completely.
>> I feel this will be a better balance.
> I'm still uncertain about the master / slave model.  I'm certain I want my desktop to be prime

Then just remove any SX from the mobile device. 


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