Is informaltable OK in documentation

Chris Good chris.good at
Mon Oct 19 20:40:38 EDT 2015

Thanks John, Derek & Geert.


I tried fop 1.0 and while I was very happy with the look of the
informaltable (table without a title), the page with the informal table and
the next page, had the body printing 2 lines into the footer in the PDF.
I'll try the most recent fop to see if this is fixed.


I also noticed a problem with the .mobi when viewed in most viewers
(including latest Calibre 2.41.0).

A screen dump graphic from the body of the document is duplicated at the
start of the document.

This also happens with the GnuCash Help mobi files that were not generated
by me. I.e. current Stable and Unstable 2.6.


Different mobi viewers show a different graphic at the start but each viewer
is consistent in the graphic it shows for a particular mobi file.

On Windows in Amazon's Kindle for PC 1.12.4, the graphic is correctly not
shown as first page (although it does incorrectly left justify my informal
table to the left margin).


In one of the mobi viewers (cannot remember which one at the moment), each
graphic was showing what should have been the previous or next graphic.


ISTC this has been discussed before and it is most important that the html
and pdf documentation be correct, so I won't worry about the mobi too much.


I didn't find any problems with the .epub's.




Chris Good


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On Monday 19 October 2015 13:24:22 Derek Atkins wrote:

> "Chris Good" < <mailto:chris.good at>
chris.good at> writes:

> > Hi John,

> > 

> > Can you please tell me what versions of fop and Calibre are used to

> > build GnuCash pdf + ePub documentation?


> The build server uses fop-1.1-5 and calibre-1.39.0-2.


> > (I'd sooner not install software without using packaging system but

> > Ubuntu 12.04 fop is only 1.0.dfsg2-6)

> > 

> > Regards,

> > Chris Good


> -derek


I'm pretty sure the older versions will work as well. We originally had fop
1.0 when pdf creation was set up. I remember we were experiencing crashes
due to the default fonts that were chosen back then for the Japanese
translation, but that issue has been fixed for quite some time now.





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