Investment/Advanced Portfolio Sorting and Layout Options

David T. sunfish62 at
Thu Oct 29 22:46:14 EDT 2015


For various reasons, I manage a set of books that includes separate stock holdings in different brokerage accounts. In other words, at E*Trade, we own 5 shares of IBM, while at ScottTrade we own 15 shares of IBM, and at Trade Station, another 10 shares. Consequently, each holding is in a separate Stock account under its parent brokerage account. Both the Investment Portfolio and Advanced Portfolio reports dutifully and reliably list all these holdings, but they only display these holdings in a single undifferentiated list of commodities, ordered first by brokerage, then by commodity. This results in my books showing each holding in a separate location in the report. 

I would like to have the option of sorting these reports rather by commodity, thus bringing together the disparate holdings so I can see the overall portfolio. Additionally, I imagine it would be nice to be able to sort these reports by commodity type (Stock, Bond, Mutual fund) and then by commodity.

Finally, I would find it useful to have the option to include the parent account of a commodity, which would allow the identification of the brokerage account to which a commodity belongs. 

These options are not available in the current reports; unfortunately, I am a Scheme Klutz, and not very adept. I would be extremely grateful if someone could point me to the spot in portfolio.scm where I might begin hacking away.


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