Documentation translators: Changed para in ch_oview

Pedro Albuquerque palbuquerque73 at
Tue Aug 9 07:59:00 EDT 2016

Às 12:10 de 09/08/2016, Frank H. Ellenberger escreveu:
> Hi Pedro,
> Am 09.08.2016 um 11:24 schrieb Pedro Albuquerque:
>> Hi Frank, all.
>> Yes, there is a reason. *pt_PT* is the country code for Portugal, *pt*
>> is the generic code for Portuguese, which means my translation could be
>> confused, for example, with Brazilian Portuguese whose country code is
>> *pt_BR* but is also Portuguese.
> I know this.
>> Let's assume someone in Brasil decides to create their own translation,
>> it would be impossible to distinguish between both if we were to use
>> only *pt*. It's like *en_US*, *en_AU*, *en_GB*, etc.
> In the moment, when someone offers a pt_BR translation, we will rename
> the directories with your files to pt_PT. But for now it is annoying:
> Run
> LANG=pt_BR gnucash
> F1 opens "Manual de ajuda do GnuCash"
> Ctrl+H opens "GnuCash Tutorial and Concepts Guide"
> instead of "Tutorial e guia de conceitos do GnuCash",
> which you get when you run
> LANG=pt_PT gnucash
> I am pretty shure, most brasilians would prefer to read your work
> instead of the english text. So I think we should rename the install dirs.
> BTW: I see outdated files gnucash-guide.epub and in
> the repository. There is no need, to check them in, because they will be
> generated by the make process.
> Another misleading file is "COMO TRADUZIR" in help, describing how to
> use xml2po, but you translated the xml files. Are you planing to switch
> the method?
Not at all. Please, just delete whatever is unneeded.

>> Thank you.
>> Regards,
>> Pedro.
> Regards
> Frank

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