gnucash-docs maint: Replace the confusing Release_Schedule link by 2.6-release-tour and website

Frank H. Ellenberger frank.h.ellenberger at
Wed Aug 10 11:41:58 EDT 2016

Am 09.08.2016 um 15:47 schrieb John Ralls:
> Does the document now have 103 lines of English because the msgids
> have changed? If so we should revert. No doubt the gettext approach
> made things easier for Cristian when he was able to attend to it
> regularly but without that regular attendance it's subject to decay.
> In the case of a document I think it's better for it to be obsolete
> and coherent than to be partly in English and perhaps nonsensical as
> the context of the strings changes.
> Regards, John Ralls

commit 7319f25

I was wondering to seen "Capital gains" in the file, but that section
has already been untranslated in Cristians version.


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