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> Subject: XML Parse error on Local Build
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> Hi,
> I am trying to finish a first pass at a new Glossary for the Guide. My
> are focused in a new file (gnc-glossary.xml) and in gnucash-guide.xml. In
> latter, I have added two lines to incorporate the new file into the guide.
> I have reached the point of running the commands:
> xmllint --valid --noout gnucash-guide.xml xsltproc -o
> ../../../output_html/guide/ ../../xsl/general-customization.xsl gnucash-
> guide.xml
> These are prescribed by the Wiki page. The first passes cleanly, but when
> run the second, I receive a multitude of errors along the lines of:
> gnucash-guide.xml:2964: element screenshot: validity error : ID
> already defined
> The process completes, and I am able to view the documentation, but I
> don?t know whether these errors indicate something else wrong with my
> modifications.
> Can anyone advise?
> Thanks,
> David

Hi David,

Great to see all the documentation improvements you are doing.

The id's should be unique so you can link to them from elsewhere in the
I think they only need to be unique within either the guide or help but
ideally should be globally unique.

Now that you mention it, I thought it would be better to not have id's
unless they are referenced from somewhere else as this may speed up the lint
and xsltproc processes (which seems to be getting much longer recently) but
Frank Ellenberger suggested they be used anyway as that seems to be the
standard. We were talking about sect rather than screenshot id's I think.

Chris Good
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