XML Parse error on Local Build

David T. sunfish62 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 6 22:41:32 EST 2016


Thanks for the response. Initially, I thought that I had accidentally inserted duplicate entries in the glossary; however, the errors persisted even after I changed them all in my file. Further examination of the long chain of errors shows me that they encompass all areas of the documentation—including ones that I did not touch at all.

I suspect that there is some simple aspect to the process that I am missing, and somewhere on my system is a second instance that the command finds and barks about. Over and over and over again. But like the young wizards in an adventure tale, I don’t fully understand the content of the incantations I invoke before I make them, and I think I need a Dumbledore to explain to me the errors of my ways…


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>> Hi,
>> I am trying to finish a first pass at a new Glossary for the Guide. My
> changes
>> are focused in a new file (gnc-glossary.xml) and in gnucash-guide.xml. In
> the
>> latter, I have added two lines to incorporate the new file into the guide.
>> I have reached the point of running the commands:
>> xmllint --valid --noout gnucash-guide.xml xsltproc -o
>> ../../../output_html/guide/ ../../xsl/general-customization.xsl gnucash-
>> guide.xml
>> These are prescribed by the Wiki page. The first passes cleanly, but when
> I
>> run the second, I receive a multitude of errors along the lines of:
>> gnucash-guide.xml:2964: element screenshot: validity error : ID
> invest-split1
>> already defined
>> The process completes, and I am able to view the documentation, but I
>> don?t know whether these errors indicate something else wrong with my
>> modifications.
>> Can anyone advise?
>> Thanks,
>> David
> Hi David,
> Great to see all the documentation improvements you are doing.
> The id's should be unique so you can link to them from elsewhere in the
> documentation.
> I think they only need to be unique within either the guide or help but
> ideally should be globally unique.
> Now that you mention it, I thought it would be better to not have id's
> unless they are referenced from somewhere else as this may speed up the lint
> and xsltproc processes (which seems to be getting much longer recently) but
> Frank Ellenberger suggested they be used anyway as that seems to be the
> standard. We were talking about sect rather than screenshot id's I think.
> Opinions?
> Regards,
> Chris Good

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