How to install python-gnucash on non "apt-get" systems?

Mark Jenkins mark at
Fri Feb 19 12:15:03 EST 2016

On 02/19/16 11:53, Paul wrote:
> The wiki says we can install python-gnucash with:
> sudo apt-get install python-gnucash
> What do users like me who have no apt-get do?
> I'm running arch and this is not in the official or user repositories.

It's possible that Arch might not package the python bindings separately 
but could build them by default into their gnucash package.

If the Arch packages don't have this enabled you could file a feature 
request through their bug tracker or directly with the package maintainer.

Another option is to build from source, but that can be a lot of work 
due to the many GnuCash build dependencies. One thing that can help on 
distributions that have packages is to see if they have an option to 
install all build dependencies. In the Debian world there is
$ apt-get build-dep gnucash
as an option. Perhaps something similar is available on Arch.

You would have to add the python development package (has headers) as well.

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