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Pedro Albuquerque palbuquerque73 at
Sun Feb 21 03:21:16 EST 2016

Hi again,

I read the bugs you mentioned David, and all other bugs and attachments
related. And the wiki articles, and several Internet pages John, thank
you for pulling my ears.  ;-)
Of course, I'm not aware of the new platform discussion, nor should I
worry about that, according to Geert Janssens. Makes sense, for a non

So, not being neither a developer nor an experienced Gnucash user, and
not even an accountant, I can only speak as a regular computer user.
Hope I'm not bothering to much.
Platform independently speaking, I would rather have the help manual and
the guide merged into one single document and then split in two again,
one for personal finances and another for business finances.

One reason for this choice of mine and following up on a recent
discussion on the users list, there are countries where GC can't be used
for most businesses, so a separate document for businesses would make
sense to me, living on one of those.

As for the merge, I think we all know that users seldom read the
documentation (me included), so having to jump between two documents
could eventually discourage them even more.

Either way, thank you for this excellent software. Took me some time to
choose it but I'm glad I did. It's now fully translated into my language
and I will finish just saying that I can spare some time to help, if you


Sáb, 2016-02-20 às 11:46 -0500, David T. escreveu:

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