Bug 756469

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at kobaltwit.be
Thu Jan 14 12:13:49 EST 2016

On Thursday 14 January 2016 10:47:06 Mike Evans wrote:
> I occurs to me that the regex for with-quotes now also accepts fields
> without-quotes too, so the importer doesn't need the without-quotes
> options.

I don't think they are equivalent and their choice depends on the input format of the user.

For example if you have a notes field like this
Something called "Bla"

This can be imported with the without-quotes regex, but not with the with-quotes regex. For the 
latter you'd need

"Something called ""Bla"""

> Also I'm wondering if the custom regex option is required
> or likely to be ever used by anyone?

I'm not using it, however is it cluttering the code that much that it's worth removing ? It's very 
well possible there are scenarios we never thought of. How about tab separated import, or fixed-
width field ? With a custom regex the user can still handle this. This assumes of course the user 
understands regexes enough so it's easier to write down the regex than the pre-process the 
import file to convert it to a suitable import format.

So I don't have a strong opinion on this last part.



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