GnuCash v2.8.x CSV export

Ngewi Fet ngewif at
Tue Jan 12 20:44:10 EST 2016

Hello everyone,
I just learned from Geert J. that the CSV export is being improved for the
v2.8.x in such a way that the exported file can be imported directly into
gnucash again (allowing to move transactions from one file to another).

If this improvement to the CSV format would also support multi-currency
transactions, then I am very interested in learning more about the planned
changes so that they can also be implemented in the Android app.

Moving transactions from the app into the desktop version has been one of
the pain points of using the mobile app, especially when multiple
currencies are involved. QIF exports made it easier, but there is still
room for improvement.

I understand that Robert Fewell is has been working on the CSV lately.
Could you please let me know what the planned improvements to CSV export

Ngewi F.

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