Chaning default "Find Transaction" under Preferences - doesn't exist now

Art pinaart at
Sat Jan 16 02:05:35 EST 2016

I thought I'd add this to it, but it's too complicated, so I just tweaked the sequence in src/gnome/dialog-find-transactions2.c so it comes up first.
I'm running GC 2.6.11 under Ubuntu 15.10 and I found out the preferences are set via dconf in Unix and I noticed 
src/app-utils/ defines the register parameter preferences, so I thought one would need to define the new parameter, then update the "Find Transaction" dialog source code to use the preference, if set.
It's such a small thing, I'm thinking it would be a very low priority for a feature request. I would love to write the patch to do this, but I'm not familiar enough with how preferences are processed, especially in a multi-platform, multi-language application like GC.
My motivation is that I constantly search by Value (99% of the time), so my laziness drove me to just do a quick tweak after realizing it wouldn't be easy to do it with Preferences. (Rebuilding GC under Ubuntu is quite fast with an i7-5820 CPU, though I'd rather do it under Windows with Visual Studio because I'm quite familiar with its IDE which lets me inspect everything, break, and change variables as I go, if it's involved at all.).Another thing that would be nice would be for the "Find Transaction" to remain persistent (it currently disappears as soon as I ask it to "Find").
- Art

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