Clarifications and guidance for a hopeful contributor

Jesse Olmer jesse at
Sat Jan 16 20:02:26 EST 2016


I've spent a few days going through the wiki, uservoice, HACKING & README
files, commit history, list archive, and building and debugging the code.
I'd like to start contributing but would appreciate some help with the
following few questions:

1. How does the project prefer code submissions which are not fixes for
bugzilla bugs? Several sources have contradictory information on how the
project prefers to receive commits/patches. It's clear that if there's a
bug filed the project prefers a patch submitted in the bug. Beyond that,
are pull requests allowed/encouraged, or ignored as the README suggests?

2. How accurate is the Roadmap in the wiki? Some of the goals there haven't
been changed since 2010 so I'm not sure if they're still a priority or not
(e.g. replace deprecated libs that are gone from gtk3).

3. I believe I read that all new features should be written in C++. How
strict is this (e.g. are feature additions to, say, the register, locked
until the register is ported?)

4. Probably most important for now: What's the best place for me to start
contributing, get my feet wet in the code-base, and make an impact? With
over 1000 bugs in Normal priority it's hard to identify a true priority vs.
an area which is likely to be rewritten "soon".

Thanks very much for your help and patience!

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