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> Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2016 11:25:11 +0500
> Subject: New Account Dialog
> Hello,
> In recent weeks, there have been a number of threads on the user list in
> which users have had difficulties setting up accounts for equities and
> mutual funds. These users have not been able to set the Security/Currency
> to an appropriate value because the account type was not correctly set.
> I believe that the New Account dialog contributes to this problem by the
> way it is set up. The sequence of fields in the dialog does not match the
> required sequence of input; the user must correctly set the Account Type
> field (located at the bottom of the dialog) *BEFORE* they can correctly set
> the Security/currency field.
> Not only is this sequence confusing to new users, it is an annoyance for
> experienced users as well, since the user must manually relocate to the
> type field, set the type, and then manually relocate back to the currency
> field to set it. This quickly gets burdensome.
> At the very least, I would suggest that it would be much clearer and
> easier to all users to have the Account Type field placed immediately after
> the Description field, and that it be changed to a drop down list. This
> would make it clearer to new users and more efficient for others, without
> entailing a great deal of change to the program.
> I can add a bug to bugzilla if it seems that this would be useful.
> David

> David,
> I think that that's quite well explained in Chapter 8 of the guide, and
> the new user's problems are largely down to not reading the documentation
> before diving in.
> I agree with to your proposed change to the UI for 2.8, and it should be
> as you say fairly simple, probably only a Glade change with no code. Please
> do file a bug so that we remember to do it.
> Regards,
> John Ralls

I am currently doing some work that will change the Account dialog for
other reasons. If everyone is in agreement, I can change the layout as
David suggests in the course of that work. I would probably commit that to
master in a few weeks.



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