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Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at
Thu Mar 3 14:09:36 EST 2016

On Sunday 28 February 2016 09:11:26 Pedro Albuquerque wrote:
> Hi,
> like I said, it was just an idea, no need for discussion. When there
> is a plan, and if my help is needed, I'm available.
> Meanwhile, I reset the reports files to their original state and run
> another make check. You can see the result in the attached file. I
> also tested C and pt with yelp and both worked fine.
> I think everything is OK now.
> Have a nice Sunday,
> Pedro.

Hi Pedro,

I have checked your most recent work and it passes make check now.

I have pushed it to our central repository after rebasing it to maint.

I few small items you may want to look into to further improve the Portuguese translation:

1. I noticed the images are still not properly sized for the pdf version of the guide. I believe I 
explained earlier how you can fix this (for example using gimp).

2. When compiling the guide as mobi, I get these errors:
Manifest item 'OEBPS/figures/loans_PrivateLoanFirstPayment.png' not found 
Referenced file u'OEBPS/figures/loans_PrivateLoanFirstPayment.png' not found 

I suspect this is due to a missing image, or using the wrong image name in your document 



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