Gnucash 2.6.11 on Windows

wwhk10 wwhk10 at
Wed Mar 30 21:24:15 EDT 2016

I did a seach of easy-invoice.scm on my C-drive.  I found that there are
various version of this file.  By modifying them each differently, I finally
figured out which version takes precedence.

This is the path for this version:


Can anyone educate me on how this came about?  How come there are so many
versions?  In fact,  C:\Users\ibm\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program
Files\gnucash\share\Gnucash\report corresponds to the directory under
C:\Program Files\gnucash\share\gnucash\report.

It looks as if the report is user specific.  Help please.


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