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I've created a gui (JavaFX/OpenJFX) Java app for backing up GnuCash data to
an encrypted 7-zip file in a 3rd party cloud storage directory
(Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive).

This works for Linux or Windows (I don't have a Mac).

There is a one-time setup where you define your GnuCash data file and the
local directory for the 3rd party cloud storage.

After finishing a GnuCash session, you just start the backup app (I've
called it BackupGnuCash), optionally select different directories, enter the
password for encryption and click the Backup button and the app encrypts the
GnuCash data, saved reports and preferences files to a date/time stampded
filename in the local 3rd party cloud storage directory.


I'd like to make this available for others to use (GPL v3 ?).


I'd appreciate any comments about if you think this is useful and how I
could make this available for others.

I'd like to make available:

1.        the .jar file for non-technical users who are not capable of
building the app themselves and are prepared to trust me.

2.       both the Windows and Linux netbeans projects so technical users can
check my source to ensure I'm not doing anything insecure, and build the
.jar file themselves, or modify it if they wish.


I don't have my own web server. I was thinking github or FSF?



Chris Good


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