Windows MASTER version does not build.

Robert Fewell 14ubobit at
Mon Nov 7 09:29:33 EST 2016


Tried to build the latest windows version from master but it would not.
The first error I got was that 'stoi' was not declared in this scope at
line 1826,1827,1828 in gnc-backend-sql.cpp, changed that to use 'atoi' just
to get going but it then failed at line 1271,1277 in gnc-backend-dbi.cpp
on the PWARN lines. Commented those out just to get going again but it
failed again at line 80 in gnc-dbiproviderimpl.hpp on 'to_string' is not a
member of std.

At this point I checked out an earlier version to complete my test.

Looking at the 'stoi' and 'to_string' errors they seem to be fixed in a
later version of ming, I think ming-w64, just wondering if the build
environment needs to be newer with all these c++ changes or will that
effect other things ?


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