Report account-piecharts.scm does not work

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at
Tue Nov 8 11:18:57 EST 2016

On Tuesday 08 November 2016 15:42:56 Robert Fewell wrote:
> Thanks for looking, I am using guile version 1.8.8 and as you say
> windows also uses version 1.8.x so that must be the difference to
> you. I am glad the changes do not affect version 2.0.0 so will add
> them to the pull request. I am a bit surprised that it has not shown
> up earlier.

The issue likely hasn't shown up earlier because
1. the breaking patch is only applied on master, so ordinary users don't see it
2. all the other devs have switched to guile 2 by now which had no issues 
with the code.

It's good we have still someone using it to catch issues like this !


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