Business 'fancy date format'

Robert Fewell 14ubobit at
Wed Nov 9 05:17:36 EST 2016


Yes this is master and the reports have been changed. On maint there is an
option for 'Fancy Date Format' and the default is what I stated above so
your date will be correct.

So to me it looks like the following...

The File/Properties/Business should be showing 'Locale' as the default and
remove 'UTC' from the list. (it is not on the list in Preferences/Date)
(gnc-default-strftime-date-format) should return a format based on 'Locale'
These reports should test for a valid 'Fancy Date Format', if not, use the
default one.

If you agree I will add it to my pull request dealing with the report


On 9 November 2016 at 05:38, John Ralls <jralls at> wrote:

> On Nov 8, 2016, at 2:24 PM, Robert Fewell <14ubobit at> wrote:
> John,
> After I sent this I thought that was the case, if you have not changed it
> there will not be a KVP value in the book. Just checked the raw file, the
> only KVP value for Business is the Company name I put in. Fired up my test
> file and as above the combo box is showing UTC but obviously no KVP to
> retrieve so report fails.
> Added this to display (gnc-default-strftime-date-format) and it shows '%B
> %e, %Y' which I think is November 8, 2016.
> Is that equivalent to UTC ?
> Looks like the reports need to test for a valid date format otherwise use
> the default above.
> Bob,
> UTC is a time zone, not a date format. Perhaps you meant ISO-8601 format,
> which would be 2016-08-11. Ideally the default would be set by the locale,
> so %B %e, %Y for the US and %e %B %Y for pretty much everywhere else
> (modulo Amin's Jalali calendar).
> You're testing master, right? There might be a difference in the
> formatting boost::date_time vs. maint's GDateTime that needs to be
> addressed. I just tested with 2.6.14 and got the expected date in the upper
> right on the Customer Report, having not set a format in File>Properties.
> Regards,
> John Ralls
> On 8 November 2016 at 21:55, John Ralls <jralls at> wrote:
>> > On Nov 8, 2016, at 12:58 PM, Robert Fewell <14ubobit at> wrote:
>> >
>> > While going through the business reports looking for any charts on
>> master,
>> > I have come across the following problem...
>> >
>> > Under File/Properties/Business there is an option to specify a fancy
>> date
>> > format which by default is showing UTC.
>> > All I have added was a company name and saved that.
>> >
>> > With some test data I ran the 'Customer Report' which failed due to it
>> not
>> > retrieving the fancy date format as there is not one even though default
>> > shows UTC.
>> >
>> > So the question, at what point should the fancy date format be saved to
>> > file ?
>> > should this report test for a date format, if not one use the
>> > (gnc-default-strftime-date-format)
>> Bob,
>> If the user changes the setting it should be saved when she clicks "OK".
>> What do you have set for "Fancy Date Format"? I think the default is
>> "Locale".
>> Regards,
>> John Ralls

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