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> > I'm (still) doing some documentation re using lots for investment
> > capital gains.
> >
> > I'd like to also briefly mention that the Lots in Account window is
> > used for business functions for the links between invoices and
> payments/credits.
> >
> >
> >
> > Can some-one please confirm that in the business functions, the Lots
> > in Account window is used ONLY for viewing links between invoices and
> credits?
> >
> > I assume any actual linking should only be done by the business
> > functions, not this window?
> Chris,
> Your PR60 on gnucash-docs affects (so far) only ch_invest.xml and is
> convoluted and confusing enough without adding more material that's
> extraneous to the topic of investing. If you want to mention that the
> business features also use the Lots functionality, say *exactly that and
> more* in ch_invest. If you want to explain the interaction of lots and the
> business features, do so in one of the business chapters, maybe in a new
> one. That should be a separate PR, meaning that you need a feature branch
> for it if you start on it before finishing PR60.
> Regards,
> John Ralls

Hi John,

In PR60 you asked that I move the description of the screen elements of the
Lots in Account window from the Guide to the Help.
The best place I can find for that in the Help is in the Tools and
Assistants chapter.
As this window can be used for both investments and business features I
think I should at least briefly mention the business features use there.
I'll put these mods to the Help in a separate feature branch and pull
request. I'm just getting ready for that which I'll do after I finish PR60.

I don't intend at this stage to go into much detail about using this window
for the business features. As Geert has kindly advised, this window is only
used to update lot data in rare data fix cases, and I think the use of the
screen elements as described for investments will give most people enough
info to enable them to use the screen to inquire on payments linked to

Regards, Chris Good
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