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>>> On Oct 9, 2016, at 2:51 AM, Chris Good <chris.good at ozemail.com.au>
>> wrote:
>>> I'm (still) doing some documentation re using lots for investment
>>> capital gains.
>>> I'd like to also briefly mention that the Lots in Account window is
>>> used for business functions for the links between invoices and
>> payments/credits.
>>> Can some-one please confirm that in the business functions, the Lots
>>> in Account window is used ONLY for viewing links between invoices and
>> credits?
>>> I assume any actual linking should only be done by the business
>>> functions, not this window?
>> Chris,
>> Your PR60 on gnucash-docs affects (so far) only ch_invest.xml and is
>> convoluted and confusing enough without adding more material that's
>> extraneous to the topic of investing. If you want to mention that the
>> business features also use the Lots functionality, say *exactly that and
> no
>> more* in ch_invest. If you want to explain the interaction of lots and the
>> business features, do so in one of the business chapters, maybe in a new
>> one. That should be a separate PR, meaning that you need a feature branch
>> for it if you start on it before finishing PR60.
>> Regards,
>> John Ralls
> Hi John,
> In PR60 you asked that I move the description of the screen elements of the
> Lots in Account window from the Guide to the Help.
> The best place I can find for that in the Help is in the Tools and
> Assistants chapter.
> As this window can be used for both investments and business features I
> think I should at least briefly mention the business features use there.
> I'll put these mods to the Help in a separate feature branch and pull
> request. I'm just getting ready for that which I'll do after I finish PR60.
> I don't intend at this stage to go into much detail about using this window
> for the business features. As Geert has kindly advised, this window is only
> used to update lot data in rare data fix cases, and I think the use of the
> screen elements as described for investments will give most people enough
> info to enable them to use the screen to inquire on payments linked to
> invoices.


That makes perfect sense.

John Ralls

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