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> Hello,
> Out of curiosity, how might one go about changing the contents of one of
> standard reports included with GnuCash? I ask because I was interested in
> trying to change the General Ledger and General Journal reports to include
> more meaningful names in the window heading (see bugs 773168 and
> 773169). However, when I tried changing the text value of regrptname in
> scm files for these reports, the GnuCash application subsequently failed
> load (as in crashed on startup). Moreover, restoring the original text
value or
> even the original scm file failed to restore operations; I had to
reinstall the
> application. I was under the impression that the scm files were loaded at
> startup, but obviously I am mistaken.
> TIA,
> David

Hi David,

Maybe you did what I did initially and created a backup copy of the report
file in the same folder?
As each report needs a unique guid, this causes a crash on startup.

See page
I'll add a note to this wiki page.

Regards, Chris Good

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