Mods to Guide that link to future Help mods

Chris Good chris.good at
Wed Oct 19 21:32:28 EDT 2016



Is it OK if I put a link to Help into a Guide feature branch when the Help
section does not yet exist?

I intend to do the Help mod referred to very soon but I'm not sure if

a)      This is acceptable by committers

b)      This will cause overnight build to fail or some other problem


The type of link I intend to use is like:



    Help Manual, Chapter 8 Tools & Assistants, Lots in Account



I decided on this type of link rather than ghelp as ghelp doesn't work on
Windows (for me at least - it seems to me this is not possible on Windows),

and using &series-stable; enables the link to be always to the current
stable release (I have tested this works).


Or would it be better if I removed the link from the initial guide mod & did
a separate pull request for just the guide link to Help after the Help mod
is committed?


Regards, Chris Good


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