Windows 10 Build Error

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Tue Apr 11 21:19:48 EDT 2017

Hey sorry for the delayed response...

@John, noted. Thank you for the tutorial link! I will try it out!

@Phil, my changes were not for performance but more so display behavior. The
Income, Expenses, Transfers, and Total don't sum up to zero in the way I'd
expect (if it's simply the way I'm using the tool please let me know).

Consider this example budget:
Income $1100
Expenses $100
Assets $500
Liabilities -$500

Although this example budget totals to zero within the budget view, when you
run the Budget Report and compare columns there are sign issues IF you have
Preferences>Accounts>Reverse Balanced Accounts set to None like I do,
instead of Credit accounts (which I *believe* is the default). See below:

Reverse Balanced Accounts set to Credit...

Reverse Balanced Accounts set to None...

This incongruity is what I was intending to fix by altering the totals
section of the budget view source. But maybe its easier to edit the
budget.scm file, which is available even in the Windows binaries.

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