Wiki decision workflow; was: Some Assistance Please

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at
Sat Apr 29 07:56:20 EDT 2017

On zaterdag 29 april 2017 09:03:54 CEST David T. via gnucash-devel wrote:
> So, apparently, there is a decision-making process in place. I’m not sure
> how it might be improved, since this is quite literally the first I have
> heard about it.
> Since you seem to be one of the folks in charge of the decisions on the
> wiki, perhaps *you* might consider how to improve the process, so that you
> encourage engagement, rather than discourage it.
> David


I'm sorry you had such a bad experience editing the wiki.

Perhaps part of it is due to expectations. So far the wiki has always been an 
informal place to share information. And I have always felt the fact there's 
no formal decision making process lowers the barrier for entry rather than 
increasing it.

That means that I'm equally "guilty" at loosely editing other people's 
contributions there without giving it much thought. I that offended you, 
please accept my apologies as well. An the other hand given my expectations I 
don't mind if others do the same with my work. Until now I never heard anybody 
complain about this.

When I don't agree with changes made by others to my work, this can always be 
discussed and optionally reverted. I have on occasion also reverted my own 
changes after discussion.

Perhaps you consider my view is wrong and shortsighted. I'm sharing it anyway 
as a data point towards a better understanding of how to treat the wiki in the 



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