Moving .gnucash and friends from $HOME to XDG_DATA_HOME (and impact on other applications like KMyMoney)

Adonay Felipe Nogueira adfeno at
Thu Aug 24 10:07:52 EDT 2017

I have followed the latest documentation that says that if one wants to
get the latest source files using Git, then one must clone against the
GitHub mirror, and so I did.

After cloning, I couldn't find the "user_data_dir" function inside,
only "g_set_user_data_dir" (in
"libgnucash/app-utils/gnc-ui-util.c"). But I'll give some suggestions
anyways since they might prove to be useful.

I'm not an experienced Guile Scheme programmer, but I guess you could
accomplish that "run-time only" with premise objects (see Delayed
Evaluation section of the Info document), or with macros (see Macros
section of the Info document).

Besides this, the mailing lists regarding Guile Scheme are the best
place in terms of community availability (because no one has to be
online at the same time as you to see your question, this means that
that person, even if sleeping now, can see your message afterwards and
has a chance to answer). Also, I know other projects which deal with
Guile Scheme, such as GNU Guix and GNU Artanis. Their mailing lists
might also be an useful place to ask. :)

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