Moving .gnucash and friends from $HOME to XDG_DATA_HOME (and impact on other applications like KMyMoney)

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at
Thu Aug 24 15:36:06 EDT 2017

On donderdag 24 augustus 2017 16:07:52 CEST Adonay Felipe Nogueira wrote:
> I have followed the latest documentation that says that if one wants to
> get the latest source files using Git, then one must clone against the
> GitHub mirror, and so I did.
I wrote it was currently available in my *private* github repository. It's 
actually not really private, "personal" is describing it better. And perhaps I 
should have added a link [1]. You can clone my work from there. The essential 
changes are in /libgnucash/core-utils/gnc-filepath-utils.cpp

> After cloning, I couldn't find the "user_data_dir" function inside,
> only "g_set_user_data_dir" (in
> "libgnucash/app-utils/gnc-ui-util.c"). But I'll give some suggestions
> anyways since they might prove to be useful.
> I'm not an experienced Guile Scheme programmer, but I guess you could
> accomplish that "run-time only" with premise objects (see Delayed
> Evaluation section of the Info document), or with macros (see Macros
> section of the Info document).
Thanks for the suggestions. However I'm not sure you realize this: gnucash is 
not a guile program any more. It still has large parts written in guile, but 
it's essentially a C application in the process of being rewritten into a C++ 
program. The goal is to convert all guile code in the core library to C++ and 
keep our guile bindings to allow for easy extending (non-core additions). With 
that in mind we're not looking for a solution based on guile in this case. 
Sorry about that.

> Besides this, the mailing lists regarding Guile Scheme are the best
> place in terms of community availability (because no one has to be
> online at the same time as you to see your question, this means that
> that person, even if sleeping now, can see your message afterwards and
> has a chance to answer). Also, I know other projects which deal with
> Guile Scheme, such as GNU Guix and GNU Artanis. Their mailing lists
> might also be an useful place to ask. :)

I have been in contact with the guile developers over IRC several times in the 
past. That was a pleasant experience. They are quite friendly and helpful. But 
as wrote earlier this is not an issue to discuss with them.




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