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>> Hi,
>> Am 23.01.2017 um 23:33 schrieb Chris Good:
>>> Developers are less likely to be confused by jumping around the wiki than
>> potential documenters.
>> But from my POV the weakest affected group are the translators as they are
>> usually no native english speakers.
>> Should we really move it to Translation and link the other pages? ;-)
>> Yes, currently Build_System is a stub - more or less a reminder "we could
>> explain it here in detail and link the other places":
>> * Building* (Techies),
>> * Document* (Docu writers, mostly native speakers) and
>> * Translation (foreign writers)
>> Regards
>> Frank
> Hi Frank,
> It seems to me implementing a translation can, if done properly, require more 
> technical skill than documenting, but if you wish to move it to Translation 
> and link the other pages, that's OK by me.
> It would be good if it is made really clear that it applies to both gnucash 
> and gnucash-docs repos.
> David,
> I don't remember seeing a response from you about if Mac OSX has 'make' by 
> default. Did I miss something? I don't want to hassle you - I see you have 
> been quite busy :-).


Translation isn't the same between the program and documentation: Only the Italian documentation translations (i.e. help and the guide) use po files. The other translations are rewrites of the documentation in their respective languages.

MacOS does provide make, but only if you install Xcode or the Xcode "command-line tools". If the latter aren't installed trying to use any of the tools, including make, will result in a dialog box offering to install them for you.

John Ralls

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