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Hi David,
You’re correct, but both patches and pull requests are created by git, so why say git only in front of “pull request”?

    Because "patch" is generic;  you can create a patch using any number of tools. A "pull request" on the other hand is specifically git.

For newbies, I think it is better to clearly separate the 2 main methods:
  Patch from local git repository
  Pull request from remote personal github repository.

Maybe so, but again, since the developer preference is for pull requests, I'd put that first. 
On another point, you commented on the page that I took away information about committing to master. A few things on this:
First, for documentation, a non commit contributor is only going to be documenting existing features, so they will ALWAYS be using maint. One of the wiki pages for git states this; I was merely making this agree with that. 
Second, the pages on git already go into this in more detail (which, by the way, was why I suggested having one git wiki page earlier), so adding it here only muddies the water.  
Third, you did precisely this with regard to the user of xmllint/xsltproc and make. 

Hi David,

OK with me if you want to put Pull Request before Patch.

Non commit  contributors are not the only ones to use this page.
Both Git and Git_For_Newbies say:
    Bugfixes, translations, improvements of the documentation should *usually* be applied on this branch.
The difference between master and maint is often a source of confusion. I don't think restating it here is over the top.
The current wording suggests it should always be git-maint and this is plainly incorrect.

I will be happy to put the specific xmllint/xsltproc commands back in if we finally determine they are needed because it is too difficult to install 'make' for a Mac user.
In the meantime, you can either use of shell history to repeat the command or look at the wiki history to see what was taken out.

Sorry if I appear to be argumentative. I just want the best result for the users. :-)
There are other things I'd sooner be doing.

Regards, Chris Good
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