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Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at
Fri Jan 27 04:06:08 EST 2017

Op vrijdag 27 januari 2017 11:09:10 CET schreef Chris Good & David T:
> On another point, you commented on the page that I took
> away information about committing to master. A few things on this: First,
> for documentation, a non commit contributor is only going to be documenting
> existing features, so they will ALWAYS be using maint. One of the wiki
> pages for git states this; I was merely making this agree with that.
> Second, the pages on git already go into this in more detail (which, by the
> way, was why I suggested having one git wiki page earlier), so adding it
> here only muddies the water. Third, you did precisely this with regard to
> the user of xmllint/xsltproc and make. David
> Non commit  contributors are not the only ones to use this page.
> Both Git and Git_For_Newbies say:
>   maint
>     Bugfixes, translations, improvements of the documentation should
> *usually* be applied on this branch.
For sake of the discussion I will add the exact rule would be that you should 
document a feature on the same branch as it is available on in the gnucash 
repository, with maint taking priority over master if it's available on both.

It's true that currently most new documentation is written for features that 
have already been released in a stable gnucash version (and hence are on the 
maint branch), so this documentation should go on the maint branch as well. 
However this is partly because the documentation is running behind so much and 
the current writers are still catching up (for which I'm immensely grateful!)

There is a period in each development cycle where this is not so obvious. When 
we start releasing development snaphots - the next one being 2.7.0 somewhere 
later this year - documenters are invited to look at the new features that 
weren't previously released and write documentation for those. Similar to how 
translators mostly work on the maint branch, except during the prerelease 
period. Both are examples of when to create patches against the master branch.

If you find a way to express this distinction concisely and clearly, I'd love 
to have this at least mentioned in some way indeed.


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