Read *.gnucash

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at
Thu May 18 08:03:35 EDT 2017

On donderdag 18 mei 2017 13:45:53 CEST Oleg Linkin wrote:
> Hello
> I want to create mobila application for SailfishOS which will work as
> mobile part of gnucash. Where I can get information about format of
> *.gnucash files?
> Thank you

This is a question for gnucash-devel rather than gnucash-user.

There is not that much information about the gnucash file format and I believe 
just knowing the file format is not sufficient to write an app that correctly 
handles it.

Isn't Sailfish OS similar to linux ?

Rather than rewriting from scratch I would suggest to try and build the 
gnucash sources on SailfishOS and build a SailfishOS specific user interface 
on top of that.

While the initial learning curve would probably be higher in this case I'm 
pretty sure your app will benefit from this in the long run (and probably the 
gnucash project itself as well).

Personally I would be very interested in such an approach. I lack the time and 
SailfishOS experience, otherwise I would have attempted this myself already...



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