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John Ralls jralls at
Thu May 18 10:42:17 EDT 2017

> On May 18, 2017, at 5:37 AM, Oleg Linkin <maledictusdemagog at> wrote:
> Sailfish support only QML as gui
> 2017-05-18 15:14 GMT+03:00 Adonay Felipe Nogueira <adfeno at>:
>> If SailfishOS can make use of GTK+, then perhaps it would indeed be most
>> beneficial to GnuCash community that you use the same source files
>> rather than making a whole new project.
>> I don't know if GnuCash already has this, but I guess what must be done
>> is try to make it so that the GTK interface acts responsively based on
>> window size --- so that in cases where the GnuCash window gets shrunk,
>> the buttoms get grouped inside another one like "...". This of course
>> assumes that the device *doesn't* have zooming and has a tiny screen.

Have a look at the "Cutecash" build of GnuCash. You'll find the code in <> and <>. It builds only with CMake, pass "-DWITH_CUTECASH=ON -DWITH_GNUCASH=OFF" in the cmake args. It doesn't support all of the features but I believe that it has enough to make a useful mobile app.

As Adonay observed you'll need to go through the UI to make it adapt to small screens.

Please keep in touch as you work through this and do your work with a view to integrating the build into the mainline GnuCash sources.

John Ralls

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