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Adonay Felipe Nogueira adfeno at
Wed May 24 10:44:43 EDT 2017

Thank you very much for the replies so far.

As a response to the previous replies, I also want to avoid long
discussion in this subject (perhaps better suited for another subject),
but I want to briefely note that, in order to advance free/libre
software, free/libre software doesn't need to be gratis or "public",
because you can charge for it, or the services based on it, and also
keep copies in "a drawer" --- only distributing copies for those who pay
for it, so there is no need to keep a public repository.

Making money by adapting "development models" such as "open core" will
simply result in possibly-non-free "premium" software, and free/libre
crippleware, as was pointed out by Bradley Kuhn in
and as is being discussed at
[[]]. Historically,
we once saw no problem with this practice, but seeing the practice as a
way to "extort" the developers of downstream projects or even the
end-user changed the long-standing considerations about the issue.

Finally, I thank you very much for keeping the current license of
GnuCash, and *personally*, I think it's OK to migrate it --- or some
parts of it --- to Qt/QML, although I'm unable to produce a full review
of the consequences in various fields of interest that might afect our

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