Some Assistance Please

Michael Ferrara mferrara1 at
Tue May 23 22:00:22 EDT 2017

There's no good way to translate from Wiki to PDF

Really? PDF can handle hard links within a document. Reference books with
linearly organized chapters and cross-references have been around since
before the Bible. Understandably, the wiki is spineless and completely
semantic in the way its pages are accessed, nevertheless last time I
checked it still had a title page and a table of its contents.  It sounds
like all we need is someone to take on the role of an Editor. C'mon! You
will get 'mad street cred' on the information superhighway.

I totally understand that such a linear book goes against the ideals of
unmanaged distributed open source authoring, but the wiki does seriously
need a band-aid.  Uh, just include a LaTeX-like tag to give each wiki page
out there a priority and write or find a simple script to pull it all
together for printing or kindling or whatever.

I am not a pro-programmer but I read a lot of books in college, virtual and

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