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doncram doncram at
Tue May 30 00:14:21 EDT 2017

To David T. and John --- Okay I have to apologize.  I didn't look carefully
at the "Documentation" page at the website.  Each time I went there, I saw
just the first section, whose entire text is:

There are two major GnuCash documentation packages to help users:

   - *The Help Manual* <>
   - *The Tutorial and Concepts Guide*

The *Help Manual* is designed to be a quick reference of how to accomplish
specific tasks and how to use the features in GnuCash. The *Concepts Guide* is
designed to be an in depth guide to the concepts behind using GnuCash with
a tutorial to show how to put those concepts into practice.

Additionally, you can talk to someone via IRC at *
<>* channel *#gnucash* about your question. Another
resource is the English <> or Deutsch
<> GnuCash wikis.

You can also send an email to the gnucash-user
<gnucash-user at> mailing
list if you cannot find a satisfactory answer to your question within
either the *Help Manual* or the *Tutorial and Concepts Guide*. We
*want* feedback
from you, it is also through your comments that we know how to improve the

GnuCash's documentation has been created by its community. See the Writing
Documentation page <> if you are
interested in contributing to this effort.

​That seemed to wrap it all up, i thought it was done, I did not see the
following sections which have other stuff.  So I was completely wrong in my
comments.  (It is a possible small side thing, that maybe the
"Documentation" page there is confusing, because it confused me, but that
is off-topic here.)  I am sincerely sorry for being confused and causing

About the current draft webpage, at, I am glad to see that
"sunfish62" edited there already, fixing or improving from how I had left
it.  Perhaps it is good to go now.  I think I should bug out now.


On Mon, May 29, 2017 at 10:45 PM, David T. <sunfish62 at> wrote:

> Don,
> On May 29, 2017, at 10:24 PM, doncram <doncram at> wrote:
> About the suggested content now at
> GnuCash/sandbox, one objection that I have is that it refers readers to a
> Documentation page at the main website which provides nothing
> for them (it only contains links to the Help manual and the Tutorial and
> Concept Guide, and no other documentation). Specifically, the current
> content includes:
> "For the latest documentation (i.e., unstable releases of the
> documentation), or to get documentation for other languages or earlier
> releases, see the [ Documentation] page
> on the <> website."
> It seems like a false statement, that a reader could get latest
> documentation or anything else there.  The content already does link to
> versions of the Help manual and the Tutorial and Concept Guide.  Are you
> suggesting those are not the latest versions?  Should the content clarify
> what versions they are?
> I agree with John’s comments about the utility of the main website
> documentation page.
> Moreover, the wiki links to the Help and Guide are to the most recent
> *stable* release of the documentation. As you may know, the documentation
> uses the same bug management process and version control to manage the
> docs. Changes that are accepted in the docs but not yet published in the
> official release (the “Nightly Documentation Builds”) may describe features
> that have not been implemented in the current release. This parallels the
> idea of the program’s nightly builds. They are called “unstable” for a
> reason, and this term is used in this project and in others to denote this.
> I have modified the sentence a little to bring this out a little more, but
> I do believe that it is clear what is on the web page.
> David
> I am sort of afraid it may be impossible to come to any agreement about
> any wording, because there are too many people involved (and I guess I am
> now part of the problem).  I do hope that I am helping by suggesting that a
> clear proposal needs to be made by a complete new version at the sandbox.
> The version there is deficient in my view in this one small way, at least.
>  --Don

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