Wiki/Website Suggestions

David T. sunfish62 at
Tue May 30 09:03:43 EDT 2017


I just posted Bug 783240 to suggest some improvements to the home page. I am suggesting these changes because of discussions and developments with the wiki and its landing page. 

It seems to me that the website Home page and the Documentation page include a lot of information that overlaps with the wiki, and I wonder if the roles and content for these various pages couldn’t be reconsidered. I will note that a number of the links on the website home page already link to the wiki, and I think this process could be extended.

Specifically, I think these two website pages should focus primarily on getting the new user informed at a macro level, whereas the wiki page(s) should point the user to information at a more detailed level. Mostly this means that the web pages would point to the wiki pages for those looking for more detailed assistance.

Ideally, the information in each place would support, reinforce, and refer to the information in the other, rather than duplicate it. Removing the duplication will make maintenance easier as well. Bug 783240 is what I see as a first step toward this; I would expect to modify the wiki landing page some more and turn it into a brief introductory narrative. Then the detailed lists might be moved to separate subpages, which would also allow the web site to link to these resources directly.

I welcome comments, both here and on the bug.


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