Introduction to the team

m.j.k at m.j.k at
Wed Nov 8 02:33:55 EST 2017

Dear GnuCash-developers,

as I appreciate the value of the GnuCash tool for years now, I thought of getting involved by giving a hand with the development. As it is mentioned on the wiki site to "introduce yourself to the development team" here we go. Hopefully it is the right list/place for it. 

I have a degree in CS, and thus am familiar with OO programming and programming in general. My skills in C are good, but not yet as good as they could be, and I have a great pleasure working with the language. Further I am also interested in helping out with your long-term-plans, especially the code-transition to C++. It has been a long time since I programmed in this language, however, I would be delighted to dive into it again!   

As this is my first Open Source Project, please bear with me that I am not yet familiar with the policies and how communication works. While I skimmed through the wiki sites, every additional piece of advice and help from seniors is highly appreciated!

Thank you for your attention, so long and all the best,



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