Please, Oh, Please, Can we delete the (10 year old and counting) Draft Concept Guide on the Wiki?

David T. sunfish62 at
Sat Nov 11 09:55:37 EST 2017


Once again, I search Google for some aspect of GnuCash functionality, and ONCE AGAIN, one of the top hits there is the 10 year old Draft Concept Guide lurking on the wiki. Not the ACTUAL, CURRENTLY-MAINTAINED Tutorial and Concept Guide. No. The ***Draft Concept Guide*** (ostensibly invisible on the gnucash wiki).

As my subject line suggests, I believe this set of pages should BE REMOVED FROM THE WIKI. I know, I know—I’ve said it before. But, since the pages are still there, it bears repeating.

I continue to question what purpose this inaccurate, outdated, unmaintained, and misleading set of pages serves. The only reason I have heard is that they might serve as a set of templates for other pages. I think that this is a specious argument; first, there does not seem to be much on the wiki that uses many wiki features; and second, if users need more technical guidance, there are numerous sources online to serve as guidance.

I say, “Draft Concept Guide—BEGONE!”


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