should ALPHAVANTAGE_API_KEY be a system or user variable

Wm wm_o_o_o at
Mon Nov 13 08:24:10 EST 2017

First, many thanks to all that have put in work on F::Q since the turn 
of the month, it has prompted me to try and find where I can make a 
contribution again.

Having got my ALPHAVANTAGE_API_KEY today I'm wondering if it should be a 
user variable rather than a system one as the instructions show at the 

Obviously this is a fluid situation and there certainly isn't any rush 
in GnuCash version terms but I thought I might see what other people 
thought after a couple of weeks and before everyone gets used to it 
being one or the other.

I think it should be a user variable if only because it didn't feel 
right editing system files to contain user specific info, I don't think 
F::Q itself will be fussed much so long as it is in the environment when 

Thoughts ?


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