Bug#790204: gnucash: depends on libwebkitgtk-1.0-0 which is deprecated

John Ralls jralls at ceridwen.us
Wed Sep 20 20:22:27 EDT 2017

> On Sep 20, 2017, at 11:45 AM, Micha Lenk <micha at debian.org> wrote:
> Hi Dmitry (Debian package maintainer for Gnucash)
> as you certainly know the Gnucash package in Debian build-depends on the
> Gwenhywfar library for use by the AqBanking importer module. Current
> releases of the Gwenhywfar library only supported Gtk2. Following the
> upstream commits, I noticed a few days ago three commits contributed by
> John Ralls, that were added to support Gtk3 too.
> In an effort to support the transition from Gtk2 to Gtk3, I've just
> added these patches to the libgwenhywfar package in Debian and uploaded
> it to experimental as libgwenhywfar 4.18.0-2. This upload adds the new
> binary packages libgwengui-gtk3-dev and libgwengui-gtk3-0. I would
> appreciate if this package could get some testing, e.g. by uploading a
> beta release of Gnucash to experimental.
> I hope this helps us all to verify early that we didn't miss anything
> during the transition from Gtk2 to Gtk3, and to find any related bugs as
> early as possible.


I’m routing this to gnucash-devel because I think Dmitry monitors it and it would bounce from the Debian lists as I’m not subscribed to them.

The GnuCash master branch *also* has the gwen-gtk3 code and is set up to build it and link it to gwen. The 2.7.0 release will probably leave it that way because we're going to release it the moment we figure out what’s wrong with webkit2 on Mac and Windows (mac won’t display anything and windows segfaults), but shortly after that I’ll make it conditional on the nonexistence of libgwen-gtk3.pc.

John Ralls

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